# Firmware Lifecycle

1.5.0 Update Note

In case firmware is updated from 1.5.0 directly to 1.8.0, produced H2 metric will be lost and FP_02 will be raised. It is recommended to follow the upgrade path: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0 -> 1.7.X -> 1.8.0.


If Site has Enapter Gateway it needs to be updated to version 1.8.9 or higher.


Make sure you have physical access to the device before starting the update process.


Do not power off the device during the firmware update.


Remove Dryer Control Network before updating the firmware.

# Change Log

# New Features

  • UCM firmware version 1.8.0 release.
  • Clock configuration using Web GUI.
  • Unicast logging is supported over UDP syslog protocol to remote log server. Configuration can be enabled over Web GUI or Modbus TCP register.
  • Dryer Control Network setup in offline (disconnected from Internet) environment.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet MAC address is available in Web GUI, Mobile App and Enapter Cloud Web.
  • The age of the electrolyte is displayed in the Mobile app.
  • In case of FX_34 (Hydrogen inner pressure transmitter broken) Fatal Error keep V101 open. All other Fatal States should folow micropurges and ventilation routine.
  • Improve refilling routine for electrolysers product codes ELE2105XXA2ASV07 and ELE2105XXA2LSV02 (minimum pressure, refilling period and number of retries increased).
  • Turn off Heater during Ramp Down.

# Bug fixes:

  • Crash after cancelling OTA
  • Offline update doesn't work with mesh (online and offline)
  • WS_22 warning renamed to Refilling not happening
  • FL_01 fatal error renamed to Possible hydrogen leak detected

# Compatibility Matrix

Please carefully check the compatibility matrix for the 1.8.0 firmware version with the previous version.


  • C - fully compatible;
  • NC - not compatible;
  • PC - party compatible, check additional notes.
1.7.0 1.7.1
OTA Upgradable C C
Modbus Communication Backward Compatibility C C
Configuration C C
Rollback C C

# Functional Depreciation Statements

  • Warning WS_20 is deprecated. Instead of using it for checking that Electrolyser reached Max Pressure it is recommended to use input register #1200 (4 = Stand-By (Max Pressure)).

  • In case firmware is updated from 1.5.0 directly to 1.8.0 produced H2 will be lost and FP02 will be raised.

# Modbus Compatibility

  • Holding register #6018 is used for Start and Stop the Dryer starting from firmware 1.6.0.

  • Input registers #14 (Cabinet (Chassis) Serial Number) and #1000 (Stack Serial Number) are deprecated. Instead use holding registers #4026 (Enapter Chassis Serial Number) and #4376 (Enapter Stack Serial Number).

# Known Bugs List

The list below contains the most important problems in the firmware and their solutions.

  • There is an issue (opens new window) using WiFi and Windows to access the .local hostname.

    Solution: Use a local ethernet connection to the electrolyser or IP address as a hostname.

  • DCN may assign an IP address to devices (computers, mobiles) connected to Wi-Fi AP associated with DCN enabled Enapter devices.


    • Delete the DCN from the Enapter Mobile App and create it one more time.
    • If it is possible try to separate the DCN from your main network environment by connecting the DCN to another WiFi AP. There is no need to separate one DCN from another.