# Chapter 1: Install of the Enapter system

Steps to install Enapter Gateway:

  1. Download Enapter application for your mobile phone.

  2. Register account to get access to Enapter monitoring system.

  3. Create site and provision device using Add new device command.

  4. Open your gateway page on https://cloud.enapter.com and press on Run Terminal command.

# Verify Release and System Type

The next step is to confirm that the correct release is running and it is running on the device that you expect.

# To Verify Release and System Type

  1. Login as User Enapter with Password Enapter (default login ID).
  2. Run show version command, as in the following example.

Example 1-1 Displaying version information

[2fad8f] $ show version 
v1.8-rc8.8812 (cyclops)
[2fad8f] $