# Creating Bootable SD Card with Gateway Firmware

# Video Guide

# Requirements

To prepare your bootable card you will require:

  • 8 GB or bigger size SD card

  • SD card reader

  • Mac or PC with fast Internet connection

# Windows/Mac/Linux Update

  1. Download firmware image to your computer. The lastest version of Gateway firmware you can find on https://fw.enapter.com website.

  2. Download and install Balena Etcher application which is used to write image to SD card from https://www.balena.io/etcher/ website.

  3. Start Etcher application


  1. Select firmware file

  2. Plug the SD card into your card reader. At this step Etcher will automatically recognize your card. If you have several SD cards connected - don't forget to check you selected the right one.


  1. Press Flash! button. Please note that at this step all data on your SD card will be destroyed. The flashing process will start - the app may require the administator rights to proced. The process will take some time and depends on speed of your card reader, card and computer.