# Gateway Firmware Changelog

# v1.8.2-rc11

# Major Changes

  • Victron Multiplus Inverter Rule Engine Plugin

  • Add electrolyser-test-station-rule plugin

  • Socket can interface configurator

  • IE FuelCell telemetry service added

  • Ethernet connection errors should not be fatal & fix access point validation

  • Ethernet should be enabled by default

  • Rule plugins implementation, dryer management rule plugin

  • Set shell state cloud command implementation

# Minor Changes

  • Add nano editor

  • Update webssh turn server URL

  • Add stack params to EL plugin

  • Enable usb acm for FC

  • add usbutils module

  • Tune FC cooldown time

  • Fix python3-multidict version

  • Add gfxterm to grub + unicode fonts

  • Gateway file commands service

  • Fix displaying passwords in shell

  • Run access point daemon before restarting dnsmasq

  • Making better version info

  • Add python-can module

# Bugfixes

  • Fix journalctl logs formatter

  • Properly handle errors in key_value get/set, add missing migrations