# Enapter Technology Roadmap

Our Technology Roadmap provides you with an outlook on upcoming and achieved Enapter milestones.

Q4/2023 • Second commercial AEM Multicore delivery
Q3/2023 • First commercial AEM Multicore delivery
Q2/2023 First AEM Multicore 450 deployment in Saerbeck (opens new window)
Saerbeck Production Building Completed (opens new window)
Q1/2023 EL4.0 LC start of production (opens new window)
Enapter HMI software release (opens new window)
Enapter Blueprint Marketplace release (opens new window)
Q4/2022 Electrolyser production record (opens new window)
Formation of the Cleantech Scale-up Coalition (opens new window)
First AEM Multicore order from North America (opens new window)
Q3/2022 EL 4.0 to Market (opens new window)
Saerbeck R&D Building Completed (opens new window)
OPC UA communication standard implemented into EL 4.0 (opens new window)
Participated to TED Talk in Vancouver, Canada (opens new window)
Q2/2022 2nd Online Partner Training (opens new window)
AEM Multicore Prototype ready to view
Life Cycle Impact Zero project start (opens new window)
Strategic Partnership with Johnson Matthey (opens new window)
Q1/2022 Next generation AEM, EL4.0 unveil (opens new window)
• Software Capacity expansion to the USA (opens new window)
1st Online Partner Training (opens new window)
Q4/2021 Participation at COP26 Glasgow (opens new window)
Q3/2021 Enapter Campus Ground-breaking (opens new window)
Q2/2021 AEM Multicore unveil (opens new window)