# Enapter Dryer Protocol


This documentation is out of date. For more information please check Gateway Documentation at Software part of the Handbook.

# Device Telemetry Payload

Field Description
timestamp Message publishing timestamp
status Dryer status string one of waiting_for_power, waiting_for_pressure, stopped_by_user, starting, standby, waiting_for_pressure, drying_0, cooling_0, switching_0, pressurizing_0, finalizing_0, drying_1, cooling_1, switching_1, pressurizing_1, finalizing_1, leak_input, leak_dryer, error
is_running Indicates whether device is running boolean
has_errors Indicates whether any device errors boolean
errors List of dryer errors (opens new window)
warnings List of dryer warnings (opens new window)
input_pressure H2 Inlet Pressure in Bar
output_pressure H2 Outlet Pressure in Bar

# Example

  "timestamp": 1547680704,
  "status": "drying_0",
  "is_running": true,
  "has_errors": true,
  "input_pressure": 30.5,
  "output_pressure": 26.1,
  "errors": ["TT00", "PT00"],
  "warings": []

# Supported Commands

Command Name Description
start Start dryer
stop Stop dryer
reset Reset dryer