Enapter Handbook

# Electrolysers

Enapter’s patented anion exchange membrane (AEM) Electrolyser is a standardized, stackable and flexible system to produce on-site hydrogen. The modular design – paired with advanced software integration – allows set up in minutes and remote control and management. Stack this Electrolyser to achieve the required hydrogen flowrate.

# Universal Communication Modules

Enapter Universal Communication Modules (UCM) serve to translate the protocols of individual connected energy devices into a unified one. This is achieved via extensions that deliver data to the Enapter Gateway and Cloud through a secure wireless connection.

# Gateway

The Enapter Gateway is the key energy site controller allowing to manage any energy system efficiently.

The purpose of the Gateway is to collect all data from energy devices connected via UCMs. It analyzes and processes data with suitable commands by the Enapter Rule Engine – the subsystem which executes rules in a simple if-then-else logic defined by the user.

# Mobile Applications

Enapter’s mobile application makes the installation of any energy system quick and easy. After the setup all devices can be managed via the mobile application or web dashboard. They can also be controlled by the logic of the Enapter Rule Engine. In case of any issue or misbehavior the mobile app will push notifications to the user. This functionality is available via Wi-Fi or 3G network, all over the world.

# Reference Designs

The Enapter AEM Electrolyser and built-in Energy Management System operates in over 30 countries across various applications. Hydrogen produced and powered by our technology is used for long-term energy storage, fuel in vehicles, fuel for heating and raw materials in industry.

The flexibility of the combined technology lets you build systems of any complexity and scalability level to suit your needs. Using EMS components, users can monitor and control installations. This chapter of the Enapter Handbook will cover best practices and installation designs.

# Knowledge Base

This chapter of Enapter Handbook covers different questions that you may have using Enapter equipment.