# Enapter Software News #1

November 15, 2022

# Enapter Blueprints – build a multi-vendor energy management system quick and easy

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Common energy devices such as solar and battery inverters, power meters, pumps and even EV chargers each have their own online monitoring tools. This makes it more difficult to track energy consumption and inefficient management. But now, Enapter Blueprints (opens new window) let you add any energy device to your Enapter Cloud (opens new window) to manage all of them as an integrated system. This unlocks:

  • Cloud based data collection, storage and analytics
  • Device control with remote commands and quick actions run from Enapter Mobile App

If you want to develop and share your own blueprints, read the documentation or contact our team.

Get started on your own blueprint (opens new window)

# Enapter HMI (Human Machine Interface) for your AEM Electrolysers

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The Enapter HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an Android application for tablets that offers convenient monitoring and control of AEM Electrolysers that are connected to the Local Area Network. It supports an unlimited number of electrolysers and requires no internet connection nor a Cloud account for operation.

These features mean it’s helpful for medium and large-size setups such as the Enapter AEM Cluster, but also for remote or complicated situations where you have to operate in island mode.

Download the Enapter HMI now (opens new window)