# Enapter Software News #3

July 25, 2023

# Please, Share Your Feedback About Enapter's Upcoming Feature – Customisable Site Dashboards

Newsletter #3 - 1

Widgets are customisable site sections with information from different devices combined in meaningful groups. We are glad to share the prototypes.

Have a look at our Widgets prototypes and answer a few questions in the poll as well as share your ideas in Discord. We appreciate your help as it helps to make our software better.

  • Which dashboards are the most needed?
  • Which telemetry, data, and commands do you use more often?
  • How to make Widgets convenient for your daily use?

Open Widgets Prototypes (opens new window)

Vote for The Best Ideas (opens new window)

# Improved Charts in Mobile App

Newsletter #3 - 2

  • All device monitoring charts are displayed on the one screen.
  • Predefined and custom time ranges available for all device data.
  • When you select a point it synchronises with the other ones

Download on the App Store (opens new window)

Get it on Google Play (opens new window)

# Enapter Icon Set in Miro

Newsletter #3 - 3

Our Miro App is now available in Miro Marketplace. It helps energy enthusiasts and professionals create and share standardized diagrams or their energy system setups using the online collaboration tool – Miro.

View in Miro Marketplace (opens new window)

# New Arrivals at Blueprint Marketplace

Newsletter #3 - 4

Sinexcel Battery Inverter (opens new window)

Gas Detector IGD TOC 635 (opens new window)

Generator Controller Mebay DC6xD (opens new window)

CHP unit Viessmann Vitobloc 200/300 (opens new window)

# Technical Updates

Electrolyser EL4.0 Firmware 3.3.0 (opens new window)

Gateway Software 2.2 (opens new window)