# Enapter Software News #5

May 21, 2024

# Gateway Software 2.5

Newsletter #5 - 1

Industrial Ready. Open Source. Secure.

The gateway is an energy site and IoT controller that optimizes energy systems that run completely or partially off-grid. It manages energy storage, energy consumption, solar PV, and other generators, as well as energy balance control during blackouts, using the following features:

  • reliable data transfer to the Enapter Cloud by mitigating internet connectivity issues;
  • data aggregation and compression for Universal Communication Modules (UCMs) and electrolysers;
  • interfaces for third-party integrations (OPC UA, MQTT, and HTTP API);
  • industrial PC hardware support (for Arrakis-Mk4 series);
  • unlimited number of Virtual UCMs to run Enapter Blueprints - open source energy device integrations.


OPC UA is a secure OT-IT communication standard used mostly for industrial equipment. After enabling OPC UA in Enapter Gateway's Web GUI, all Enapter devices (electrolysers, dryers, and water tanks) and any third-party devices linked with Enapter Blueprints are exposed in the same way in the OPC UA tree.

# New Features

New features added to the 2.5 release enhance the performance, security, reliability, and usability of Enapter Gateway:

  • HTTPS support for web UI and REST API;
  • data pre-configure networking settings using a YAML file.

Updates for components in the open-source layer of Enapter Gateway available at https://github.com/Enapter/meta-enapter.

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# Electrolyser 3.6.0 Firmware

Newsletter #5 - 2

Our single core electrolyser platform has got a new software update that increases functionality and usability with the following features.

# Connection to the Enapter Cloud over Ethernet Beta

With new functionality our clients can choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the Enapter Cloud. Please keep in mind that this functionality is still in beta and may require additional terms and approval.

# OTA firmware rollback

Don't worry about power outages or loss of connection during firmware updates. In this instance, the OTA process will automatically restore the latest installed firmware without contacting Enapter Customer Support.

# Use the Web GUI to navigate through the critical event log

The Web GUI now allows you to check the persistent log for up to 1000 of the most recent critical issues that have occurred with electrolyser. No connection to the Enapter Cloud is required!

Find More Information at Handbook (opens new window)

# Mobile App 2.41

Newsletter #5 - 3

In addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, these updates add additional functionality:

  • The device search functionality. It is useful for sites with multiple devices. Search by name or UCM ID for quick access.
  • Six-hour range in the charts. Many users requested this functionality, and you may now traverse your charts more conveniently.

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# New Arrivals in Enapter Marketplace

Newsletter #5 - 4

Voltronic Power SCC MPPT (opens new window)

4-20mA Pressure Sensor (opens new window)

Xiaomi SJCGQ12LM (opens new window)

Zigbee Water Leak Sensor Aqara T1 (opens new window)

# New integration option supports industrial computers (Arrakis Mk4)

Alicat Scientific CODA Mass Flow Meter (opens new window)

Crowcon Xgard Bright (opens new window)