# Enapter Software News #2

March 16, 2023

# Open Source Energy Management

Newsletter #2 - 1

Enapter EMS Toolkit enables energy balance between different energy sources at the lowest possible cost, highest availability, and purity. It consists of:

  • Step 1: Simulating an energy system with AI
  • Step 2: Monitor and control energy devices
  • Step 3: Automating device operations
  • Step 4: Integrating EMS with OSS / BSS / ERP

To see each step visualised take a look at our online presentation.

Read Online Presentation (opens new window)

# Monitoring and Automation Recipes

Newsletter #2 - 2

For a quick start, we have collected several step-by-step guides for the most common monitoring and automation use cases resembling your grandma's recipe book.

  • Fuel Cell Monitoring Over CAN Bus
  • Load Control Based on Available Excess PV Power
  • Time Based Electrolyser Control

Open Recipe Book (opens new window)

# Mobile App with Apple CarPlay

Newsletter #2 - 3

Control your energy devices such as a gate driver or an EV charging station with your car entertainment system and Enapter Mobile App (since v. 2.30).

Download on the App Store (opens new window)

Get it on Google Play (opens new window)

# New Arrivals at Blueprint Marketplace

Newsletter #2 - 4

Flow meter F-111B (opens new window)

Power Meter Schneider Electric PM2100 (opens new window)

Komfovent AHU Ping2 (opens new window)

Alicat scientific Mass Flow Meter (opens new window)