# Relay Module

The Relay Module is used to control of a low-power load without high inrush currents. For example: a normal closed valve, a normal open valve, signal lamps or intermediate contactors. The Relay Module sends the collected data to the Enapter Gateway and Cloud via secure wireless connection.

# Technical Data

Parameter Value
Voltage 9…24 V DC
Wireless Communication Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Antenna connection type SMA-F (module) – SMA-M (antenna)
Local signaling 1 LED (green): steady – correct operation, blinking – establishing connection with server
1 LED (red): module error
Current consumption 50 mA 12 V DC, max. 300 mA
Mounting 35 mm Din rail acc. to IEC 60715
Height 90.2 mm (3.55 inch)
Depth 57.5 mm (2.26 inch)
Width 36.3 mm (1.43 inch)
Net weight 0.090 kg

# Environmental Conditions

Parameter Value
Ambient air temperature for operation -40…+60 ℃
Ambient air temperature for storage -40…+60 ℃
Relative humidity for operation 20…90 %, without condensation
Relative humidity for storage 20…90 %, without condensation
Operating altitude 0…700 m
Storage altitude 0…3500 m
Pollution degree 2
IP degree of protection IP20

# Connected Device

Parameter Value
Type Normal closed valve
Normal open valve
Signal lamp
Intermediate contactors
Connection Screw terminal block
Contact Configuration Normally open
Output Configuration Two groups of 3 outputs,
a common wire in each group
Maximum switching voltage AC 250 V
Maximum switching voltage DC 30 V
Maximum switching current per channel 7 A

# Dimensions

The dimensions are in mm and in brackets in inch.


# Mounting

The ENP-RL6 Module must be horizontally mounted on 35 mm DIN rail according to IEC 60715.


# Connection Example



1 Amp Circuit Breaker recommended to use on power line for the ENP-RL6 Module.

# Standards

Wi-Fi protocols – 802.11 b/g/n/e/i (802.11n up to 150 Mbit/s).

Bluetooth protocols – Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE specification.

# Warnings


  • Alternating current voltage of 110 - 220 V is potentially lethal!

  • All works on assembly and installation should be performed only with a disconnected power supply!

  • The installation and assembly of electrical equipment must be carried out by electrically qualified persons.

The appearance of the product may differ from the images presented on the website or in this manual. The discrepancy between the appearance and packaging of the goods with a picture and description on the website or this manual is not an indication of poor quality goods. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and packaging of the product without prior notice.

# Lua API

Lua API allow to build custom operation logic of ENP-RL6 UCM. It includes functions which implement various kinds of interaction with relay, local variables storage, scheduler and Enapter Cloud.

Basic Lua functions documentation can be found on official Lua Reference Manual.

# ENP-RL6 Relay Functions

# rl6.get(id)

Used to get status of one of the ENP-RL6 relays. Returns 0 in case the relay is closed and 0 if open.

id is the relay number 1 - 6.

if rl6.get(1) == 1 then print("Relay 1 is in closed state") end

# rl6.close(id)

Used to close one of the ENP-RL6 relays. Returns 0 in case of success.

id is the relay number 1 - 6.

if rl6.close(1) == 0 then print("Relay 1 is in closed") end

# rl6.open(id)

Used to open one of the ENP-RL6 relays. Returns 0 in case of success.

id is the relay number 1 - 6.

if rl6.open(1) == 0 then print("Relay 1 is in opened") end

# rl6.set_all(state)

Used to open or close all ENP-RL6 relays at the same time. Returns 0 in case of success.

state is (bool) true to close all relays, (bool) false to open all relays or (table) of six boolean values to set specific state for all relays.

if rl6.set_all(false) == 0 then print("All relays opened") end

# rl6.impulse(id,delay)

Used to impulse (close-delay-open) one of the ENP-RL6 relays. Returns 0 in case of success.

id is the relay number 1 - 6, period is wait delay in milliseconds.

if rl6.impulse(1,20000) == 0 then print("Relay 1 was impulsed for 20 seconds") end

# Resources

ENP-RL6 Module Datasheet (EN)

ENP-RL6 Module Quick Start Guide (EN)

ENP-RL6 Module CAD Drawings (2D)

ENP-RL6 Module CAD Drawings (3D DWG)

ENP-RL6 Module CAD Drawings (3D STP)

Default ENP-RL6 Script