Virtual UCM is a 100% software implementation of the Enapter UCM, which up to this point was represented by a wide range of hardware devices and particulary replaces ENP-ETH and ENP-RS485/ETH. Virtual UCM enables easy and efficient integration of devices using any protocols running on top of TCP/IP, and its support introduced in the alpha version of Enapter Gateway 1.9.0, which is available to Enapter certified partners.

As an example, it can be used to implement integration of wide range of Modbus TCP 3rd party devices such as Solar Inverters, Hydrogen Compressors, Air Handling Units as well as any kind of SNMP and HTTP-based interfaces.

After installing a new version of Enapter Gateway, it automatically becomes possible to create an unlimited number of Virtual UCMs via the Enapter Cloud Web interface and use Enapter Blueprints (LUA Scripts, Web IDE) to implement integration with a third-party device.

The documentation is available at Developers Portal (opens new window).