# Firmware Lifecycle

# Change Log

# Bug Fixes

  • Reduce number of PS errors
  • Improve OTA process
  • Improve Factory Settings Reset mechanism

# Compatibility Matrix

Please carefully check the compatibility matrix for the 3.0.0 firmware version with the previous version.


  • C - fully compatible;
  • NC - not compatible;
  • PC - partly compatible, check additional notes.
OTA Upgradable C
Rollback NC

# Known Bugs List

The list below contains the most important problems in the firmware and their solutions.

  • Unable to perform the Factory Settings Reset when the Dryer can't connect to a WiFi router.

    No need since FW 3.3.0.

    Solution: make sure you have another WiFi router to which the Dryer will be able to connect. After that scan the QR code of the Dryer with the Enapter Mobile App, enter SSID and password of the new WiFi router. Make sure the Dryer is online in the Enapter Cloud. After that you could perform the Factory Settings Reset.