# Water Tank 2.1 (WT 2.1)

Enapter’s Water Tank 2.1 provides storage for 38 liters of clean water for the AEM electrolyser. The water tank is rack mountable into a standard 19” cabinet. The tank contains a conductivity sensor and a pump system to supply up to 9 AEM electrolysers with clean water.

# πŸ“– Resources

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# πŸ“Έ Images

Front Back Isometric
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# 🚦 Status LEDs Indications

Action Description LED
Power on The device will turn on as soon as the required input voltage is supplied to the WT 2.1; then, it performs a start-up self-check. Red, yellow & green blink thrice
First Tank Refilling At the first refilling, the machine will cross the "very low water level," "low water level," and the "waiting for water" warnings before to go on an optimal operating condition. Yellow & green blink sequentially
Feeding The device is ready to refill downstream devices: the pump is ON and the solenoid valve is closed. Green blinks
Refilling The solenoid valve is open for tank refilling. Green steady
Warning The system will partially continue to work. The warning can be reported using remote monitoring and resolved automatically by the system. The heads-up event which should be taken into account to avoid Error or Fatal Error. Yellow blinks
Error The system stops. Remote monitoring will report Errors. These can be resolved by the system or by contacting the Enapter Support. Red blinks slow
Fatal Error The system stops. Unrecoverable error: hardware repair is required. Red blinks fast

# πŸ“ˆ Remote Monitoring and Control

# Introduction

Water Tank 2.1 comes with pre-installed UCM (Universal Communication Module) that allows users to monitor the device. Over-the-air updates ensure that the latest protocols and security fixes are supported.

Pre-installed UCM connects to the Enapter Gateway and send performance and error data to the Enapter Cloud. The data is stored in a time series database which displays it real-time on customizable dashboards.

Enapter’s mobile application ensures quick and easy installation of any energy system. Users can manage the Water Tank 2.1 via the mobile app and will receive push notifications to warn of energy system issues.

# Network Requirements

# WI-Fi Requirements

  • 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz only)

  • 802.12 WEP, WPA, WPA2 Personal (Pre-shared key)

  • Wi-Fi client isolation must be disabled


No captive portal or WPA2 Enterprise supported.

General Wi-Fi Note

The Enapter Cloud connection based on wireless communication and therefore the functionality can be affected with distance in between devices, obstructions between the devices and interference. Communication module inside the Water Tank 2.1 works in station mode and utilizes Wi-Fi channel set in your infrastructure Wi-Fi router for used SSID. You are responsible to select the correct channel according to the local radio regulations.

# Connecting your Water Tank 2.1 to Wi-Fi

To connect the Water Tank 2.1 to wireless networks, follow the steps in the iOS or Android Mobile Application guides below. Please note, the QR-code or preinstalled UCM's ID and PIN are required when connecting to Wi-Fi as well as credentials for the 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

πŸ“— Enapter iOS Mobile Application Guide

πŸ“— Enapter Android Mobile Application Guide

During connection to Wi-Fi network the QR-code or preinstalled UCM's ID and PIN needed. The location for both of them is shown on pictures below.

Front view:

WT 2.1 QR-code Location

Rear view:

WT 21 UCM ID Location

# ⚠️ Events

# Severity Levels

Code Severity Level LED Indication Description Comment
F Fatal Error Red blinks fast System stopped. Unrecoverable error. Hardware repair required. e.g. Level sensor is not connected or broken.
E Error Red blinks slow System Stopped. Recoverable error. e.g. No input water pressure and internal water tank is empty.
W Warning Yellow blinks Heads-up event which should be taken into account to avoid Error or Fatal Error. e.g. No input water pressure and internal water tank is full.

# Routines

Code Routine Comment
L Logic
S Safety

# Warning, Error and Fatal Error Codes

Name Severity Code Routine Code Component Condition Description
WL_1 W L CT01 Conductivity > 20Β΅S BAD QUALITY WATER INPUT
WL_2 W L LT01 Voltage <= 0.4V LOW WATER LEVEL
WL_3 W L LT01 0.4 V < Voltage <= 0.96 V WAITING FOR WATER
WS_3 W S LSL Water level below level switch VERY LOW WATER LEVEL
EL_1 E L -- Refilling timeout TANK REFILLING ISSUE
ES_2 E S LSH Water level over the level switch VERY HIGH WATER LEVEL
ES_3 E S TT11 Electronic board temperature too high HIGH ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE
FS_1 F S WPS01 Water sensor is wet WATER LEAK
FS_2 F S TT02 Tank temperature transmitter broken TANK TEMPERATURE SENSOR BROKEN
FS_3 F S TT01 Water inlet temperature transmitter broken INLET TEMPERATURE SENSOR BROKEN
FS_4 F S LT01 Level transmitter broken WATER LEVEL SENSOR BROKEN
FS_5 F S CS01 Current sensor broken CURRENT SENSOR BROKEN
FS_6 F S P01 Pump broken PUMP BROKEN