# Dryer 2.0 (DRY 2.0)

Enapter’s dryer is a hybrid temperature/pressure swing adsorption system increasing hydrogen purity to 99,999%. The dryer is rack-mountable in a standard 19” cabinet.

# Dryer 2.0 Configuration Options

The following options can be configured at https://cloud.enapter.com:

  • InPres Min - inlet pressure minimum

  • InPres Max - inlet pressure maximum

  • OutPres Min - outlet pressure minimum

  • OutPres Max - outlet pressure maximum

This allows you to set the exact pressure ranges to start and stop the drying processes.

Condition Action
inlet pressure >= InPres Max and outlet pressure =< OutPres Min Dryer starts
inlet pressure =< InPres Min or outlet pressure >= OutPres Max Wait for pressure

Each change of the configuration must be saved with the Save Config button.

# Resources

# Images

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# Firmware

# Firmware v2.0.0

# Firmware v1.9.4

# Firmware v1.9.3

# Firmware v1.9.2