# Electrolyser (EL 2.1)

# Remote Monitoring and Control

# Introduction

EL2.1 Control Electrolyser EL 2.1 comes with pre-installed UCMs (Universal Communication Modules) that allow users to monitor the device. Over-the-air updates ensure that the latest protocols and security fixes are supported.

EL2.1 Dashboard Pre-installed UCMs connect to the Enapter Gateway and send performance and error data to the Enapter Cloud. The data is stored in a time series database which displays it real-time on customisable dashboards.

EL2.1 Mobile Enapter’s mobile application ensures quick and easy installation of any energy system. Users can manage the EL 2.1 via the mobile app and will receive push notifications to warn of energy system issues.

# Network Requirements

Network open port requirements:

Port Protocol Destination Host
(IP-Address / Range or Name)
80 TCP,,
443 TCP,,
123 UDP,,
514 TCP and UDP
3478 TCP and UDP,,
8301 UDP,,
8302 UDP,,
8883 TCP,,
19302 UDP stun.l.google.com


Firewall must be stateful.

WI-Fi requirements:

  • 802.11/g/n (2.4 GHz only)

  • 802.12 WEP, WPA, WPA2 Personal (Pre-shared key)


No captive portal or WPA2 Enterprise supported.

# Connecting your Electrolyser to Wi-Fi

To connect the EL 2.1 electrolyser to wireless networks, follow the steps in the iOS or Android Mobile Application guides below. Please note, the QR-code or preinstalled UCM's ID and PIN are required when connecting to Wi-Fi as well as cridentials for the 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Enapter iOS Mobile Application Guide

Enapter Android Mobile Application Guide

During connection to Wi-Fi network the QR-code or preinstalled UCM's ID and PIN needed. The location for both of them is shown on pictures below.

Front view:

EL2.1 QR-code location

Rear view:

EL2.1 UCM ID and PIN

# Safety Heartbeat

This functionality increases safety in cases of loss of control by Enapter Mobile App or Enapter Cloud.

Safety Heartbeat presented in EL 2.1 firmware v1.2.0 is a periodic signal generated by Gateway to indicate connection with the Electrolyser.

If the Electrolyser does not receive the heartbeat in a time (heartbeat period) — the machine will normaly shut down. Lose of the signal may happen when Gateway is powered off, when there is connection issue between EL 2.1 and Gateway, etc.

# Gateway Heartbeat

How to activate Safety Heartbeat on the Gateway:

  1. Connect to the Gateway - please check this page.

  2. Configure Safety Heartbeat on the Gateway - please check this page.

# Modbus Heartbeat

How to activate Safety Heartbeat using Modbus protocol - please check the exapmle of Writing Heartbeat Modbus Timeout.

# Firmware

# Firmware v1.2.0 ✨

# Previous Versions

# Firmware v1.1.2

# Firmware v1.1.1

# Firmware v1.1.0

# Firmware v1.0.2

# Firmware v1.0.1

# Firmware v1.0.0

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