# Data Collected by Enapter Cloud

The following list contains all telemetry values collected into Enapter Cloud.

Variable Description
errors Error
warnings Warning
system Control board status
waterrefilling Water refilling status
stack Stack status
state Overall device status
electrolyser Electrolyser status
service Service mode status
start_button Start button status
locate Locate device mode status
leds LEDs status
heap_free Free RAM
log_loss Loss log messages
ucm_loss Loss of packages between UCM and EL 2.1
board_temperature Control board temperature
mcu_temperature Microcontroller temperature
voltage_12 Voltage on 12 V contact
voltage_24 Voltage on 24 V contact
voltage_5 Voltage on 5 V contact
lifetime Total time which a system is power up (seconds)
h2_total Total hydrogen produced (NL)
h2_flow Current hydrogen flow (NL/hour)
stack_runtime Current stack runtime (seconds)
stack_cycles Stack Start/Stop cycles quantity
F103A_in_rpm Electrolyte cooler fan speed (rpm)
F103A_out_power Electrolyte cooler fan power (on/off)
F103A_out_pwm Electrolyte cooler fan pwm (%)
F104B_in_rpm Air circulation fan speed (rpm)
F108C_in_rpm Electronic compartment cooling fan speed (rpm)
F108C_out_pwm Electronic compartment cooling fan pwm (%)
FM106_in_lmin Electrolyte flow rate (L/min)
H102_out_power Electrolyte heater power (on/off)
HASS_in_a Stack current (A)
HASS_in_v Stack current (V)
LSH102B_in High electrolyte level (on/off)
LSHH102A_in Very high electrolyte level (on/off)
LSL102D_in Low electrolyte level (on/off)
LSM102C_in Medium electrolyte level (on/off)
P107_out_power Process pump power (on/off)
P107_out_v Process pump voltage (V)
PSH102_in Electrolyte tank pressure switch (on/off)
PSHH101B_in Very high hydrogen pressure switch (on/off)
PSU_in_v Stack PSU voltage signal (V)
PSU_out_power Stack PSU relay control (on/off)
PSU_out_v Stack PSU control signal (V)
PT101A_in_bar Inner hydrogen pressure (bar)
PT101A_in_v Inner hydrogen pressure raw sensor value (V)
PT101C_in_bar Outer hydrogen pressure (bar)
PT101C_in_v Outer hydrogen pressure raw sensor value (V)
PT105_in_bar Water inlet pressure (bar)
TSH106_in Downstream high temperature switch (on/off)
TSLL102B_in Very low electrolyte temperature switch (on/off)
TT102A_in_c Electrolyte temperature (°C)
TT106_in_c Downstream temperature (°C)
V101_out_open Purge line solenoid valve (open/closed)
V105_out_open Water refilling solenoid valve (open/closed)
WPS104_in Chassis water presence switch (on/off)
DRYCONTACT_in Dry contact (on/off)