# Firmware Lifecycle


It is recommended to update the device in the IDLE mode without receiving and executing any commands from Modbus, Enapter Cloud, Enapter Mobile App or others.


Make sure you have physical access to the device before starting the update process.

After firmware upgrade the electrolyser must be powered off and turn back on.

# Change Log

# New Features

  • UCM firmware version 1.4.0 release.
  • Support for new hardware. EL 2.1 product codes: ELE210535A2LSV01, ELE210508A2LSV01.
  • Added Polarization Curve Routine.
  • Added Calibration Mode.

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Anti-freeze routine bug - In maintenance mode the anti-freeze routine can start even if the electrolyte tank is empty.

# Compatibility Matrix

Please carefully check the compatibility matrix for the 1.4.0 firmware version with the previous version.


  • C - fully compatible;
  • NC - not compatible;
  • PC - party compatible, check additional notes.
OTA Upgradable C
Modbus Communication Backward Compatibility C
Configuration C
Rollback C

# Functional Depreciation Statements

  • Warning WS_20 is deprecated. Instead of using it for checking that Electrolyser reached Max Pressure it is recommended to use input register #1200 (4 = Stand-By (Max Pressure)).

# Known Bugs List

The list below contains the most important problems in the firmware and their solutions.

  • The system stops calculation of total produced H2 after 524288.

    Solution: Update the firmware to version 1.6.0 or above. To update your device, navigate to Device Info -> Firmware and press the Check for Updates button. If you do not see an available update, you can contact our support team at support@enapter.com.

  • Electrolyser doesn't stop during Ramp-Up if no more electrolyte left in the tank. The system must reach Steady to start Ramp-Down procedure. This might cause fatal error in case system stays in Ramp-Up and have no water supply because it will not stop production of hydrogen in 80 min timeout and will continue to work even the electrolyte will reach very low level.

    Solution: Update the firmware to version 1.10.1 or above.