# Firmware Lifecycle

# Requirements


Before OTA make sure to go through the list below.

  • Make sure you have physical access to the device before starting the update process.
  • Do not power off the device during the firmware update.
  • If Site has Enapter Gateway it needs to be updated to version 1.8.9 or higher.
  • Remove the Dryer Control Network (DCN) before updating the firmware (no need since 3.3.0).
  • Electrolysers connected to DCN/IDCN should be version 1.10.0 or higher, otherwise monitoring and control from Electrolyser Web GUI or Modbus TCP interface won't work.

# Change Log

# New Features

  • Add sticky button warning, error code - WP_02.
  • Add invalid configuration error, error code - FP_01.
  • Add serial communication warning to Enapter Cloud and Electrolyser Web GUI, error code - WH_01.
  • Allow to add Water Tank (opens new window) into DCN/IDCN.
  • Electrolyser Web GUI: add possibility to reboot UCM.
  • Electrolyser Web GUI: add possibility to configure PT01 Min/Max.
  • Electrolyser Modbus TCP: add holding register #6021 to read current Dryer state.
  • Electrolyser Modbus TCP: add holding register #6022 to persist updated values of PT01 min (holding register #6014) and PT01 max (holding register #6016).
  • Electrolyser Modbus TCP: add number of times Dryer was rebooted (read holding register #6020).
  • Electrolyser Modbus TCP: allow to reboot UCM (write 1 to holding register #6024 to reboot UCM).
  • Electrolyser Modbus TCP: allow to locate device (write 1 to holding register #6023 to enable device locating, write 0 to disable device locating).

# Bug Fixes

  • Stabilize IDCN creation.
  • Fix fan RPM calculation.
  • Properly show drying time left (in non-drying states) in Enapter Cloud.

# Compatibility Matrix

Please carefully check the compatibility matrix for the 3.6.0 firmware version with the previous version.


  • C - fully compatible;
  • NC - not compatible;
  • PC - party compatible, check additional notes.
OTA Upgradable C
Rollback C

# Functional Depreciation Statements

# Modbus Compatibility

  • Begin with firmware version 3.6.0 Dryer input registers are deprecated, holding registers should be used instead.

# Known Bugs List

The list below contains the most important problems in the firmware and their solutions.

  • DCN may assign an IP address to devices (computers, mobiles) connected to Wi-Fi AP associated with DCN enabled Enapter devices.


    • Delete the DCN from the Enapter Mobile App and create it one more time.
    • If it is possible try to separate the DCN from your main network environment by connecting the DCN to another WiFi AP, no need to separate one DCN from another.