# EL 2.0 - The First Refilling

# Preparation of the Conditioning Solution

Prepare the conditioning solution by following point a if the device is supplied with the chemical powder or point b if it is supplied with a diluted substance:

a - Potassium hydroxide powder: solve the total content of the supplied jar of potassium hydroxide (40 g) into 4 liters of demineralised water in a dedicated vessel;

b - Potassium hydroxide aqueous solution: pour the total content of the supplied jars into a dedicated vessel.


Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice and wear appropriate PPE. as specified by the KOH’s Material Safety Data Sheet. Avoid any contact with eyes and skin.

Since the electrolytic process consumes only water, replenishment of the conditioning solution is only required when the device is used for the very first time or after a complete emptying of the internal water tank.

The refilling must be done using demineralised water only.


Every time the process tank is completely emptied, (e.g. for servicing) it is necessary to prepare the solution as per the following table:

Volume Solution KOH
(Potassium Hydroxide)
4 L 40 g

# The First Refilling

  1. Prepare the solution as described in the previous paragraph (“Preparation of the Conditioning Solution”) or use the solution included in the shipment.

  2. In a separate container, prepare a 2 liters of demineralised water, this is used to top up the solution in case more water is needed to fill the system to the appropriate level.

  3. Switch off the system.

  4. Disconnect the pipe W1.2 from the port W1.2.

EL 2.0 - The First Refilling - Figure 1

  1. Insert one end of the rigid tubing into the water refilling port W1.2 and the other end into the external vessel.


The pump draws up to 1 meter in height, keep the solution elevated so that filling is performed faster.

  1. Water Tank must be over the minimum level. If not, refill the tank with demineralised water.

  2. Plug the power cable into the EL 2.0. Press the Start/Stop button and continue to apply pressure to it. Start supplying power to the EL 2.0. Continue to hold the Start/Stop button down.

  3. The refilling pump will start drawing the solution and will automatically fill the internal water tank. When the water starts being pumped into the module you can release the Start/Stop button. The process will stop automatically when the water reaches maximum level.


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that after system draining, the module is refilled using the specified solution.