# EL 2.0 - Drain Procedure

# Materials and Tools

  • 1 Vessel, minimum volume 4l,

  • 1 pipe 6mm with male connector for drain supplied by Enapter,

  • PPE as specified in the Material Safety Data Sheet (supplied with the Potassium Hydroxide) and to avoid any contact of the process liquid with eyes and skin.

# Drain Procedure

  1. Switch off the system.

  2. Insert the supplied pipe equipped into the 4l vessel and connect it to the water drain port W1.3 placed on the rear side of the EL 2.0. Electrolyte solution starts pouring out immediately.


Remember to wear your PPE during draining as there is a risk of contact with the electrolyte.

  1. Wait at least 10 minutes for the solution to flow out. You can be sure that the EL 2.0 are properly drained when the solution stop coming out form the drain pipe.

  2. Proceed with refilling the EL 2.0 with new electrolyte as specified in the First refilling procedure.

  3. The drain procedure is complete.