# Data Download Guide

  1. Navigate to Exports menu

  2. Click New Export button

  3. Set recognizable export name, i.e. New_Data_Export

  4. Select device from the list, i.e. Electrolyser XXXX

  5. Choose granularity, i.e. 1 second

  6. Select Timestamp from and Timestamp to the required time range

  7. Press Create Telemetry export button

  8. In the list you will see Job Status: QUEUED and Status Initiated

  9. Depending on selected time frame, the report generation will take some time, the bigger time frame, bigger the time would be

  10. Refresh the page with F5 for the Windows or Command+R for the Mac

  11. When export will be finished, Status will be changed to FINISHED and File will have Download link for CSV file

  12. Click Download and you will receive CSV file with relevant data