# UCM Kit

UCM Kit provides a full-stack IoT technology kit for the rapid development of connected applications. Designed for makers, students, and researchers to test, learn and teach IoT and Smart Energy.

Enapter UCM Kit is based on several important open-source and free-to-use components. This provides possibilities for personal technology development/testing and hardware prototyping all of which are extremely helpful for developing innovative, cost-efficient smart energy devices and solutions for emerging markets.

UCM stands for Universal Communication Module (opens new window) which is an edge device used for data acquisition or control of a connected 3rd-party device on the one hand and delivery to/from Cloud or intelligent site controller over a secure wireless channel on the other hand. Support for a variety of devices is provided by a built-in Lua interpreter which allows to run Lua-based integration scripts called Enapter Blueprints.


UCM Kit is a combination of a PCB designed by Enapter, a firmware for ESP32 DevKit (opens new window), and development tools such as Enapter UCM Kit Flasher (opens new window) and Enapter CLI (opens new window). UCM Kit allows you to build your own communication device and program it to monitor and control connected energy device with Enapter Cloud, Mobile App and EMS Toolkit.

For download more information about UCM Kit please visit our Developers portal (opens new window).

Or have a look at Enapter UCM Kit Presentation