# Enapter Mobile App

The Enapter mobile app provides seamless installation of any energy system with your Android or iOS mobile devices.

Mobile App

With our app, you can easily set up an energy system in minutes. It will also help to monitor and control all your energy devices, energy consumption, and production in real-time, set personalized settings, and receive notifications and recommendations for your energy system.

Plus, our state-of-the-art app is designed with a seamless user experience in mind, making it easy for busy professionals to take control of your energy usage on the go as well as customize and develop your very own integrations and share them with our community.

Thanks to Enapter Blueprint Marketplace (opens new window) support right in the App, commissioning of already supported devices takes just few seconds.

# πŸš€ Getting Started

# Installing

  1. Download the latest version of Enapter app from App Store (opens new window) or Google Play Market (opens new window) or use this link app.enapter.com (opens new window) (for mobile device only).
  2. Run the Enapter application.
  3. After launching allow Enapter app to send notifications and use Bluetooth. Please make sure you allowed to use Bluetooth otherwise you will not be able to connect any devices to your site.

# Creating Account and Login

  1. To start using the application you need an account in the Enapter Cloud (opens new window). If you already have an account, simply move to Creating a Site.
  2. To create an account click on Create account button of the first screen.
  3. Enter a valid email and password you would like to have in Enapter Cloud and press Sign up button.
  4. Please check your mailbox and press Confirm my account link to validate your account.
  5. Login into the Enapter App using email and password from previous steps.

# Creating a Site

  1. After logging into your account for the first time, the application will ask you to create a site. Site is a location-based virtual representation of your setup.
  2. Give your site a name, location and change the automatically detected time zone if it’s not correct. Then press Create Site.
  3. Your site acts as the main screen of application (to create a new site or select another site to press the Sites button at the left bottom of the screen).
  4. To add a new device (Electrolyser, Dryer, Gateway, etc) to your site press the Add new device button.

# Adding Devices

  1. If the application is launched for the first time, please make sure you allowed to use Bluetooth and camera otherwise you will not be able to connect any devices to your site.
  2. Ensure that the device with the Enapter app is located close to the systems. When the QR code scanner screen will open, point your device camera to the QR code so it is fully fitted in the scan box and sharp. Depending on the conditions, additional lighting to capture a clear code may be required.
  3. After successfully scanning the QR code, the Wi-Fi setting screen will open. Please note that the Wi-Fi signal should be 2.4 GHz. Enter your Wi-Fi SSID and password and press the Apply button.
  4. The settings provision process will start. Please be patient, it can take around two minutes.
  5. After the Finish screen appears, you can press the Go to Site Dashboard button or Calibrate Pressure Sensor.

# πŸ”§ Features

# Electrolyser Maintenance Instructions In the App

Illustrated maintenance instructions in your mobile app will assist users maintaining electrolysis systems. Visual aids enhance comprehension, making routine maintenance tasks more accessible to users of varying technical expertise.

# Seamless Device Integration With Enapter Blueprint Marketplace

Enapter Blueprints is a technology that allows integration of various devices (electrolysers, power meters, inverters, batteries, sensors, etc.) into the Enapter Cloud platform. Learn more... (opens new window)

# Quick Actions

Use Quick Actions to set up repeated commands or even scenarios to access it from the main screen. Quick Actions has Apple Car Play support and is available for iOS Shortcuts and Android Automation. Learn more...

# Access Management

Manage permissions and access to your site directly in the app. To see the differences between user roles in Enapter Mobile Application check this page.

# Deleting the Account

Request account removal directly in the app. For more information check this page.

# πŸ†˜ Troubleshooting

For more information check out our Mobile Application Troubleshooting Guide.