# 🖥️ Command Line Interface

For instruction on how to access Gateway Shell/CLI please refer to guide.

As of version 2.4, the Enapter Gateway CLI has transitioned to a standard Bash shell, featuring a selection of useful commands and basic completion.

# List of Useful Commands

Command Description
bluetooth Bluetooth operations with UCM devices nearby The Gateway
enapter-help Display help message
factory-reset Clean all user data
install-enapter-linux Perform on-disk installation
nmtui Network configuration
ping Execute ping command
public-mqtt-setup Setup public MQTT
set-data-disk Set disk for storing user data
variables Variables operations

# Public MQTT Setup


Ensure you replace "username" and "password" with your desired credentials.

To configure the public MQTT settings, please enter the following command:

sudo public-mqtt-setup "public" "password"