# Chapter 1: Install of the Enapter system


This documentation is out of date. For more information please check Gateway Documentation at Software part of the Handbook.

Steps to install Enapter Gateway:

  1. Download Enapter application for your mobile phone.

  2. Register account to get access to Enapter monitoring system.

  3. Create site and provision device using Add new device command.

# Connect to the Gateway

To connect to the Gateway, open it's gateway page on https://cloud.enapter.com (opens new window) and press on Run Terminal button.

The secure connection will be established and terminal window will open inside your browser.

# Verify Release and System Type

The next step is to confirm that the correct release is running and it is running on the device that you expect.

# To Verify Release and System Type

  1. Login as User Enapter with Password Enapter (default login ID).
  2. Run show version command, as in the following example.

Example 1-1 Displaying version information

[2fad8f] $ show version 
v1.8-rc8.8812 (cyclops)
[2fad8f] $