# Gateway Factory Reset

  1. Prepare SD card with latest firmware as described in Gateway Firmware Recovery Guide.

  2. Prepare USB Flash Stick:

  • Format USB Flash Stick with FAT32 file system.

  • Create a txt file commands.txt at the USB Flash Stick.

  • Add command to commands.txt file and save it:

hard_reset = true
  1. Turn ON the Gateway.

  2. Wait for 1 minute while booting the system.

  3. Insert the USB Flash Stick into the Gateway.

  4. Wait for 15 seconds.

  5. Pull out the USB Flash Stick.

  6. Wait for 2 minutes while the Gateway rebooting.

  7. Check if Gateway Factory Reset was done properly: the txt file commands.txt on the USB Flash Stick should contain:

hard_reset = false
  1. Gateway Factory Reset is complete.