# Electrolyser V2.1 Protocol

# Device Telemetry Payload

Field Description
timestamp Message publishing timestamp
status Electrolyser status string one of maintenance, expert, error, fatal, idle, steady, standby, curve, blowdown
is_running Indicates whether device is running boolean
has_errors Indicates whether any device errors boolean
has_warnings Indicates whether any device warnings boolean
errors List of electrolyser errors (opens new window)
warnings List of electrolyser warings (opens new window)
electrolyte_level_very_high Indicates whether electrolyte level is higher than very high level
electrolyte_level_high Indicates whether electrolyte level is higher than high level
electrolyte_level_medium Indicates whether electrolyte level is higher than medium level
electrolyte_level_low Indicates whether electrolyte level is higher than low level
h2_flow H2 Production in Normal Litre/hour
h2_total Total H2 Produced in Normal Litre
stack_pressure H2 Stack Pressure in Bar
stack_voltage H2 Stack Voltage in Volt
stack_amperage H2 Stack Amperage in Amper
outlet_pressure H2 Outlet Pressure in Bar
water_inlet_pressure Water Inlet Pressure in Bar
electrolyte_tank_temperature Electrolyte Tank Temperature in Celsius
electrolyte_downstream_temperature Downstream Temperature in Celsius

# Example

  "timestamp": 1514320289,
  "status": "steady",
  "is_running":  true,
  "has_errors":  true,
  "has_warnings": false,
  "h2_flow": 250.0,
  "h2_total": 10000,
  "stack_pressure": 30.1,
  "stack_voltage": 38.1,
  "stack_amperage": 12.3,
  "outlet_pressure":  30.0,
  "water_inlet_pressure": 1.2,
  "electrolyte_tank_temperature":  38.3,
  "electrolyte_downstream_temperature": 24.7,
  "errors": ["FP_01", "FP_03"],
  "warnings": [],
  "electrolyte_level_very_high": false,
  "electrolyte_level_high": false,
  "electrolyte_level_medium": true,
  "electrolyte_level_low": true

# Supported Commands

Command Name Description Arguments
start Start electrolyser
stop Stop electrolyser
reset Reset electrolyser
set_production_rate Set electrolyser production rate (in percents) value (float)
set_waterfill Force electrolyser to perform water refill operation value (boolean) (should be set to true)